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We Raise & Repair Concrete...

You $ave Money!



CRC uses an Engineered Cementitious Slurry or Geotechnical Polyurethane Foam to raise or level concrete slabs and fill the voids beneath them. This process of raising concrete results in a repair which, when cured, is impervious to water.


It is also environmentally friendly!


Concrete Raising is also known as Poly Jacking, Mud Jacking, Concrete Lifting or Slab Raising.


CRC provides customers the option of selecting their preferred method of Concrete Raising - Polyurethane Foam or Cementitious Slurry - so that the customer can use the select the best technology for the application and price point.


CRC is a Certified Terrathane Geotechnical Polyurethane Installer.


Our engineered cementitious slurry or Polyurethane Foam is pumped under pressure into small holes drilled through existing concrete slabs. The slurry or foam displaces air pockets, water or water saturated materials, fills all void areas under the slab, raises the slab, and leaves a firm permanent subgrade.





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Geotechnical Polyurethane Certified Installer










Eliminate Trip Hazards

and Expensive Lawsuits.








What can be Slab Raised?


We can raise, level and stabilize sidewalks, curbs, gutters, streets, highways, parking lots, garage floors, patios, pool decks, industrial floors, bridge approaches. In essence, most any residential, commercial/industrial, and/or municipal concrete slab on grade can be raised, levelled and stabilized.


Additionally, CRC can provide soil compaction, sewer and tunnel fill, and grout voids, abandoned pipes and cavities.



State of the Art Equipment





The Savings are Impressive!!!


Save more than 50%

The cost to raise existing concrete is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement (varies by area and job).


Why Slab Raising?


Customer Satisfaction - Cost!

The costs to raise or level concrete slabs are 50 to 75% LESS than the cost of concrete replacement.


Immediate Use

In most cases, concrete repaired through concrete raising can be used almost immediately following the completion of the job. In contrast, new or replaced concrete has to cure for a minimum of 28 days.


Long-term Fix

Concrete slabs raised with our cementitious slurry or polyurethane foam can carry a warranty of up to 2 years. The length of warranty depends on soil conditions, drainage and other factors.


No Disruption to Surrounding Landscape 

No need to repair surrounding areas of grass, trees, and/or shrubbery as you would have to with concrete replacement.


Reduce Liability

Eliminate trip hazards, excessive step height, improper pitch of slabs.


No Environmental Impact - Green!

Landfill legislation in many parts of the country lists old concrete as Hazardous Waste, adding an additional recycling cost to those choosing to replace concrete (for both the operator and the customer).








 We also provide:


Concrete Grinding,

Crack  and Joint Repair,

Spall Repair,

Expansion Joint Caulking,








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CRC Concrete Raising and Repair


Serving Residential,Commercial, Industrial and Government Customers in Central Texas.


Fully Insured,


Workers Comp.






(512) 410-7378


San Antonio

(210) 764-4442





 The Green Alternative

to Concrete





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We Raise Concrete

You $ave Money! 




and HOA's


Ask about our

Inspection Program!


Protects your investment and can lower insurance costs and minimize litigation expenses.










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Proudly Servicing the communities of: Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos, Plugerville, Bastrop, Hutto, Lampassas, Killeen, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Lockhart, Llano, Fredericksburg, Kyle, Buda, Webberville, Lago Vista, Rockdale, Taylor, San Marcos, Pflugerville, Bastrop and others in the Greater Central Texas Area.