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Concrete Raising..

The Green Alternative to

Concrete Replacement

That $aves You Green!



CRC Concrete Raising and Repair, renowned for its ability to produce on-site, location-specific grout, not only produces little-to-zero waste, but also provides for the following environmentally-responsible benefits as compared to the alternative of concrete replacement:




Fuel Emissions– concrete raising jobs are generally accomplished in a matter of hours, not days. The result is: fewer emissions from trucks going to-and-from the jobsite (concrete raising does not require break-out, transport of broken-out concrete, stone placement and compaction via ancillary vehicles, ready-mix truck delivery, form removal, and re-landscaping).







Air Emissions– concrete requires less saw cutting and zero breaking (small holes are drilled for concrete raising to be accomplished, and dust is often contained when a guard is used), resulting in fewer dust particulates released into the air, this would be a larger concern if fly ash was specified in original construction.







Hazardous Materials– concrete that is broken out and replaced is generally taken to a plant for recycling (hence additional fuel emissions, air emissions and energy use) or to a landfill for disposal. Landfills often treat the concrete as hazardous waste. Concrete has pores that could capture various materials including but not limited to petroleum-based products and blood pathogens.This is all in addition to the simple fact that the concrete taken to the landfill site is non-biodegradable.







Landscape Disruption– concrete raising does not require forms, which are later pulled resulting in a small trench or void. Soil, seed, and/or landscape materials are not needed (fewer emissions, less energy expended). This also save on the use of wood.











Based upon the structural integrity of the concrete to be repaired –
make the environmentally responsible choice!


Choose CRC Concrete Raising

The Green Alternative!